Mega Solar Light, Inc. has done extensive research within the solar light industry. We have found that with most solar lights that have been developed so far, have not been able to sustain a sufficient amount of light for long periods of time. So our team members of the engineering department came together and spent a very lengthy time in trying to create a light that would fulfill this need. After several prototypes and testing, the Mega Solar Light Power Plus was created.


It is called the Mega Solar Light Power Plus because of it’s ability to charge in such a short amount of time, stay charged for up to 48 hours, and, also, have the ability to charge any device that uses a USB to charge.


Our research goes way beyond this factor, though. We have realized through our research, that there are many parts of the world that go unnoticed. What we mean by that, is that many parts of our world go without light after dark. Nearly 1.6 billion people are faced with this tragic problem every night when the sun goes down. Can you imagine being in total darkness after the sun goes down ? Night after night ? Many often forget about the simple blessings that we have, where some only ask for just that simple blessing.


Our team at Mega Solar Light, Inc., wants to be a part of solving that problem. We want to know that we, not only created an awesome light, we want to know that we have went beyond the surface of humanity and reached our goal of touching the souls of the ones we thought were beyond our reach.