Mega Solar Light Inc. was started in the year of 2014, and became a company that wanted to produce a product that was original, durable, multifunctional, and most of all, useful to everyone. So our team joined together with extensive research, planning, and engineering, and brought forth an innovative product that is called the, “ Mega Solar Light Power Plus, “ and it appeals to everyone, while also, allowing us to do, “our part”, as humanitarians to help others less fortunate around certain parts of the world.


Mega Solar Light’s team members are composed of a number of different people. We wanted to make certain that the team we put together was made up of nothing but the best, so we did our due diligence in searching, locating, and bringing together an outstanding group of people. Our team consists of professional innovators from India, Pakistan, and North Carolina. Each of us are a vital component in this initiative. Every member of our team has a unique talent of researching, engineering, computer technology, and marketing. We all have a purpose and a reason for this project. It is important to all of us that we succeed in the process of reaching our goals. In pursuing this project, we are able to truly show the world our gifts and both literally and figuratively, SHINE!


Since we have finished all of the processes of engineering, and have completed the, “ Mega Solar Light Power Plus, “ we have received many orders from different companies for our light. We are, also, reaching out to other companies, organizations, etc. to help raise the extra funds needed to take our light to the next level of distribution. Our team wants to see the, “ Mega Solar Light Power Plus, “ in stores all over the world, and, also, be able to distribute as many lights as possible to the many cities, urban areas, and families located in the poverty stricken areas that so, desperately are in need of light. Our ultimate goal is to be able to give away one free light, in these areas, for every light sold.