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Project Description

What Is The Mega Solar Light Power Plus ?

The “ Mega Solar Light Power Plus, “ is a progressive solar light that will not only be a universal product for anyone to own because of it's multifunctional capabilities, but it is also a mechanism that will be given to those less fortunate within areas or situations where light is not as accessible as it is in more progressive areas of the world. The, “ Mega Solar Light Power Plus, “ offers a plethora of features and uses in any situation where a light may be needed without the necessity of batteries. It is light weight, it's engineered for high speed charging, and is made simple for easy use. One touch of a button and you have light and USB availability.

What We Stand To Accomplish With The Mega Solar Light Power Plus :

Statistically, about 1.6 Billion people do not have electricity. What does this mean? This means, that a lot of these people either go without light after the sun goes down and are in total darkness. Unless, they are using candles, kerosine lights, burning paper, etc. Which, not only gives them very minimum light, but, also, poses a chance of harm to them because of the chemicals that are put off when using these types of light. With the, “ Mega Solar Light Power Plus, “ these less fortunate and poverty stricken cities and urban areas in certain parts of the world will be able to help their children with their studies at night, so that their children can have a better chance in advancing their education. Most families in these areas have to manage a lot during the day to cover daytime and nighttime responsibilities, because of having no light once the sun goes down. With the, “ Mega Solar Light Power Plus, “ that worry will be eliminated, and their lives, as a whole, will be more accomplished. Families will be able to cook at night without the danger of no light. These communities will be able to make great progress. Our ultimate goal is to be able to give away one free light, in these areas, for every light that is sold. Our company, as a whole, would like to be a part of one of the greatest gifts that you can give people, and that is the gift of LIGHT !